KPUW Runway Update

Hi all, apologies in advance if this is stupid, but Im quite new. I am unable to load any approaches for KPUW into aircraft in my sim, XP11. I have updated the navdata and even edited the airport in my scenery to reflect the new runways, however every time I attempt to load an approach I get an error. Since I know the airport is correct, I have come to the assumption that it is the navdata that is wrong, however I have checked the proc file and verified that navigraph has the same information for the airport I do. Help?

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If you are referring to the following error message re missing runway, then as the message suggests you should report this to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. This is not a navdata issue.


Thanks for the reply Ian, I had tried this, and even edited the airport myself to have RWY 5/23 instead of 6/24, however this did not fix the problem, which is why I brought the issue here.

please report this here:

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