FBW A320N waypoints on STAR dont match waypoints listed in FMS

Hi guys,

Im working with the FBW A320. Yesterday I flew from KSFO to KPHX, some of the waypoints listed on the HYDRR 1 arrival chart weren’t shown on the arrival selected in the FMS, specifically the SCOLE waypoint with the altitude restriction of FL250. Attached are pics of the chart and waypoints shown on the PFD, this is specifically the HYDRR 1 approach inbound for RW 26 in KPHX. I asked this question on the msfs forums and one response said I needed to update the nav data to navigraph so it should pull accuracate info. I tried working with the EFB and FMS in the sim, but didnt see a way to change it. Does this sound right, and if so, does anyone know how to change the nav data settings? I havent had this issue when I have flown the 747, 787, and CRJ’s. I appreciate any help offered.