KPDX ILS 10L is broken with latest update cycle

AIRAC cycle 2302 rev 1

The ILS for 10L at KPDX is broken with this update. The localizer shows way off to the left and the glide slope isn’t available. This only reproduces with the Navigraph data installed. It reproduces with AAU1 and SU12 beta, as well as with and without custom KPDX scenery installed. I’ve seen it in the C172 as well as the CJ4, and noticed several pilots on Vatsim also struggling to capture the 10L localizer since this update came out.

Plane aligned with 10L. Notice the localizer is way off to the left and no glide slope is available:

Airport debug mode showing the data for the localizer:


View looking west with the ILS debug view on:

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I also tried in the analog 172 and had the same issue. It doesn’t matter if you fly and try towards the needle either, it won’t move.

Interestingly this is what shows in the Garmin on the analog 172:


There may have been a LDA approach in to KVUO in the past, but now there is only an RNAV.

Confirmed the LDA shouldn’t be there for KVUO and is likely what is causing the problem.

thanks for your report and the details - much appreciated …

We don´t have the LDA approach in our database any longer but it´s not the approach - it´s the ILS antenna which seems to be still active. I have checked our source and also the FAA source and here the ILS antenna is still in the data.

Directly from the FAA source:

SUSAP KPDXK1IIVDG1   011130RW10LN45345553W1223346851030N45353976W1223530171010 09460420300E01604900031                     790661210
SUSAP KVUOK1IIVDGA   011130RW08 N45345553W1223346851030                   9999     0420   E0160                            340891212

You see, the ILS with the ident IVDG (with the same frequency 111.30) is availabe on both airports (KPDX and KVUO). The difference is only, that on KVUO you have no glideslope antenna therefore these values are missing. Again, these are the original lines from the FAA source data. The same do we have in our database.

But you see exactly the same behavior without our data (with the stock data) because also in the stock data the KVUO localizer antenna is included, with exactly the same ident and that´s understandable because ASOBO doesn´t use a world-wide global database for their AIRAC updates, they use a mix of NavBlue data and the FAA source data (from which the two lines above come from).

Sorry, as you see the FAA offers the localizer and therefore it´s included and correct so far (at least from the navdata view)

Hope that helps,

Thank you for the detailed reply!

But you see exactly the same behavior without our data (with the stock data)

This behaviour is not seen with the stock navdata. When I remove Navigraph data the ILS for 10L works correctly. This only happens with the latest AIRAC data from Navigraph installed.

Hi again,
I have looked deeper into the data and have compared the stock data with our data - what I have overseen are the coordinates …

You see very clear, that the localizer antenna´s for both airports are on the same position. That´s also in the stock data but not in our database - our localizer is on another position and therefore the offset.

Here, what I mean:

We will report this to Jeppesen because I´m also pretty sure, that the coordinates are wrong for the KVUO IVDG localizer. Sorry for the mistake on my side …

Again, thank you very much for the report,

Thanks for taking another look! That does seem like it could cause the issue.

I’m curious: is this data different from what was in the previous update cycle?

I have checked 2301, 2213 and 2212 … and in all these databases are the “wrong” coordinates - means, there is no difference to the current one at least on the KVUO IVDG localizer antenna. The coordinates are equal in all four checked cycles. So, this is not was happened with 2302 (possible you haven´t installed our cycles before :wink: )

I still have reported this issue internal to forward it to Jeppesen. As soon we have received an answer, I will inform you here. I will let this topic open till the answer …


Odd. I’ve had every update cycle installed for at least the last year and this only recently started being an issue. It’s not just me, I know at least two other pilots that have started to see it.

I made a custom KVUO airport that deletes the ILS, then used the new package priority tool to set its priority higher than the navigraph data packages. Worked like a charm, the ILS for 10L at KPDX worked properly.

Looking forward to the answer from Jeppesen!

THe same experience for myself. Have been flying everyday from KTTD which is due East from KPDX, fly low vis at night, lousy weather and utilize the 300 radial into BTG which I leave and fly 235 radial at 1.0 DME from BTG and then follow heading and intercept the ILS 111.30 /103 degrees into KPDX…it has been smooth until this latest cycle…I fly the Milves Porter 6 over to KPDX the fly out in the 737 of PMDG to whatever route I decide…this morning I just flew the circut and the ILS on the 28L with the same localizer operates just fine…when I made the turn and adjusted the course to intercept, I could see the runway, yet no ILS DME or localizer connect for the KPDX 10R ILS approach.

I made a custom scenery for Pearson that fixes the problem. If you’d like me to send it to you let me know and I’ll send you a private message with instructions on how to install it.

I meant to say I flew 28R which is the back course of 10L…not 28L.

Hi guys,
good news to this topic - we have found a way to fix this manually for the moment and you can expect it with the new upcoming AIRAC 2303. As I have written before, we have still this reported this to Jeppesen … so this is a fast, workaround from our side :wink:


Awesome! Thank you for the update!

awesome response time and product Navigraph!

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Confirmed fixed with today’s data update:

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