MSFS KFLL Rwy 10L glideslope off

Hello Gang.

Testing the new LatinVFR KFLL with ther FBW-A320 noticed that the ILS to runway 10L puts you very high. Localizer working fine. Anyone experiencing this?


Yes, I noticed exactly the same problem. However, the Contrail store/manager app informed that an LVFR- KFLL update was posted/available early this morning. Have now downloaded update but have not retested for a 10L anomaly fix as of yet. Good chance update is related to this problem though.

Hi guys,
sorry, I have over read this posting - sorry. I don´t have the LVFR KFLL scenery, so I can´t say anything about this issue, but in general - in nearly all addon-sceneries, what I know, the designer used their own ILS information. That means, the included addon navaid-facilities “overwrite” the default navdata facilities (independently what data provider you´re are now using - the mixed stock data, or our standardized Jeppesen dataset).

So, I assume that this is a scenery issue in this case and has nothing todo with our dataset. We will see, please let us know, the result, when someone has re-tested this scenario. Much appreciated - thank you!


Hey Gang. I can confirm that the issue has been resolved with the latest LVFR update to the KFLL addon.


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Wow, thanks for the fast reply … and thanks for the update!

Happy flying :wink:

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