KLAX-KLAS 737-9ER Flightplan

This flight plan has an impossible approach to KLAS RWY 26L.
Just take a look at this screenshot. At touchdown the aircraft is not aligned with the runway, but is 90 degrees off for a catastrophic landing.

Why is Simbrief calculating this???

Claus Jensen

Claus, how do you mean should we answer this?

We have no flightplan, we have no STAR what you have used, we have no idea which sim do you use?

So, when ypu expect a more or less professional answer we need a little bit more on information then “it’s a catastrophic landing”.

What sim do you use?
What STAR has you selected in the PMDG?
What approach has you selected in the PMDG?
Please post the extact flightplan…

Thank you


I am using the MSFS 2020 Store Version and the Simbrief STAR for KLAS RWY 24R.

I will post the exact flightplan later.



Flew the flightplan again and this time it worked perfectly.


Great Claus, thank you very much for the feedback. Good when it’s solved.

Happy flying and enjoy your day

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