Strange Flightplan

Simbrief created this flightplan for the PMDG 737-9ER:


It is not possible to fly this, because the ILS for RWY 16R (164 degrees/110.75) requires the SUMMA5 STAR arrival. Simbrief did not implement that.

I am not sure I am using the right lingo, but Simbrief turns the 737 towards the runway at 6000’ altitude only 4 miles from touchdown and that decent can not be executed.

Help anyone. Thanks in advance


This is the real world preferred route between KBOI and KSEA. SimBrief will only include waypoints up to the end of the STAR, after that it’s up to you to navigate to the approach.

In this case, the CHINS5 directs you to fly heading 343 after the last waypoint (AUBRN). Normally ATC will then vector you to intercept the final approach course for 16R, but if you do not use ATC and/or do not fly on an online network such as VATSIM, you may need to vector yourself. There are no coded transitions from AUBRN to the ILS 16R.

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Thanks for your speedy reply.

When you say this is “the real world preferred route” I have to disagree, because in the real world airline that I fly (virtually), Alaska Airlines always downloads complete flight plans to the destination airport’s ILS runway. Except for emergencies and diversions for weather etc.

I am a many years customer of Navigraph, and I use Simbrief to download my flightplans to the PMDG 737-9ER. In more than 50 flights I do not think I have downloaded a flightplan like the one we are discussing here.


When I say “real world preferred route”, what I mean is that all scheduled airline flights that fly KBOI-KSEA use this route. This can be seen on FlightAware, for example here:

If you are referring to the FMS route import not loading the SID/STAR and approach, this is normal. The PMDG FMS only imports the main route waypoints, the SID/STAR and approach need to be loaded manually into the FMS afterwards using the DEP/ARR page.

Otherwise, it’s possible I am not understanding the issue you are having. Could you perhaps include some screenshots to clarify?


Yes, I always load the SID/STAR and approach manually in the FMS.

But take a look at the below screenshot of the FMC, which came after a warning “No Des after Auburn”.
The “4.1NM BYPASS” below BUGNE is something I have not seen in any other flightplan in the years I have used Simbrief.


In order to have reliable and repeatable landings on KSEA runways 16L, R and C, Alaska Airlines always uses the HAWKS7 STAR instead of the CHINS5.

Hi, the descent error and BYPASS message is probably due to the sharp turn required when going directly from AUBRN to BUGNE.

Normally ATC would vector you onto a downwind, base, and intercept heading to more comfortably join the approach. In these cases, it’s normally better to have a Discontinuity in the FMS between AUBRN and BUGNE, to prevent such error messages. This also prevents the FMS from sequencing the flight plan prematurely if you pass close to the airport on downwind.

Once you are on an intercept heading and ATC has cleared you for the approach, you can then normally remove the discontinuity.

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