LGTS-LGMK fms flight plan cause MSFS crash

Looks like sim brief flight plan LGTS-LGMK causes MSFS to crash.
I only tested to so far with Aerosoft CRJ. When i click the flight plan sim is always crashing.
Could someone reproduce it and confirm ?

yes, I would but please can you upload the flightplan for testing? Also, the exact steps what and how we can try to reproduce?

You have installed the current AIRAC for MSFS and rhe AS CRJ, is this correct?

Thank you

Hi Richard
thanks for your fast reply.
Yes i have latest Airac + AS CRJ installed.
attached LGTS-LGMK flight plan.
as for the steps: Just import flight plan on CRJ.

update: i uninstalled navigraph airac and problem is still there. Looks like the issue comes from Sim brief flight plan or MSFS conflict on specific route.
I never had any similar issue so far with other routes

LGTSLGMK01.flp (1.1 KB)

Hi Seth,
sorry for the delay of this answer, but it wasn´t so easy to find the issue. The issue is the missing runway 10/28 at LGTS. I can´t say where the issue exactly is but it seems, that the CRJ checks the runways in the sim when the procedure-file will be loaded.

There are SIDs/STARs for 10/28 available in the AS CRJ (as in real-life) but this runway is missing in the sim and therefore the sim crashed. That´s also the reason, why you haven´t seen this before because it could be that you have chosen only airports, where the runways were correct.

MSFS data:

Real world data:

CRJ data:

Again, I´m not sure if this is now a MSFS issue or a AS CRJ issue but what I can 100% say is, that due the missing runways and the available SIDs/STARs in the terminal procedure file, the sim crashed.

What I can also exclude is, that this is a SimBrief or a Navdata issue - The flightplan looks correct so far. The SID, the STAR and the transitions are availabe in MSFS and in the CRJ. Also the approach (only the post-fix -Z is missing - in this case Q34-Z - but that is not the reason for the CTD).

Sorry, but I guess, we can´t do anything here. I would ask in the Aerosoft forum, if this can be fixed or not … or if it´s really a sim issue because the airport layout of LGTS is outdated.


Hi Richard

Looks like its CRJ issue. As I remember I used many times runaway 34 with A32nx for takeoff with Navigraph Sids and never had any ctd.
Also i never used the default airport. These are the freeware airports with 10/28 added runway.

Will make some tests with A32nx again and let you know ( on freeware airports)

thanks for your help & support


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Be aware Seth, both use different datasets. The CRJ uses their own dataset and the FBW A320 the in-game MSFS dataset. Of course both are from us and has the same content but as I wrote, I guess more this is a scenery issue, even with an addon scenery installed. I don’t know the logic behind the CRJ but possible, that they can’t read the addon scenery file to check the runways …

For me, it looks as such scenery/runway issue …
Anyway, thanks for testing Seth

Ok thanks Richard.
Just a correction on my previous post. I used many times runway 28 for take off with other aircrafts and never had any crash ( and not 34).