KJFK ILS LOC issue RWY04R - Fenix A320

The ILS signal disappears completely on main gear touchdown. There is no rollout.
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2023 07 20 00 28 01 - YouTube

please report this to Fenix. I have tried (AIRAC 2307 rev. 2 stock scenery) the same with the FBW A320 and here, I have a correct rollout phase. I assume it´s more an addon issue rather a navdata issue, sorry.


I am using inibuilds KJFK so it could be a scenery issue. I talked to Josh yesterday on discord hopefully there’s something he can do about it. Fenix definitely won’t update anything before IAE so it’s probably pointless talking to them.

NAVData via Navigraph <notifications@navigraph1.discoursemail.com> 于 2023年7月20日周四 下午8:01写道:

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