Khartoum Intl. (HSSS / HSSK)

In MSFS, when navigraph-navdata is installed, Khartoum Intl. Lights are displayed twice… (RW Lights, PAPI… etc.)

Also in world map you have two airports. HSSS & HSSK at the same spot. Coming in to land at night is hard as the PAPI’s overlay each other and therfore can’t be seen nicely…

please report this to ASOBO/MS because the ICAO code was changed from HSSS to HSSK.

Here the official notam to this:
NOTAM A0005/21, effective 00:01 [UTC] on 04 March 2021 changes the Airport ICAO code of HSSS to HSSK.

Thank you

WILCO - Reported to ASOBO