XP11 Strange issue with HSSK/HSSS

As named in this topic, I have some issues with the NAVDATA database.
Op System: Win 10
FS Version: X-Plane 11.50
Add-on: Zibo 738, Toliss A319/321/346 (that use the “default” XP database)
AIRAC Update No: 2304
Problem Details: If I start my XP11 and set as location Karthoum HSSK (former HSSS) with Zibo B737-800X I am unable to set HSSK in the flightplan because it says " NOT IN THE DATABASE" (both for departure and destination); if I set HSSS I don’t get any error message but I only get RWY36 and RWY18.
If I load the A346 Toliss and set HSSK in flightplan it works ok with all SID and STARs.
Why do I have this issue? Don’t they use the same database?

Hi Roberto,
first - thanks for such a great report - all information are in place - great stuff! Thank you!

To your question:
Yes, both (Zibo and ToLiss) uses the default data from XP11 BUUUUT :slight_smile: … there is a difference in the global X-Plane airport file, look here (part of the apt.dat file provided by X-Plane):

1   1265 0 0 HSSS Khartoum
1302 city Khartoum
1302 country Sudan
1302 datum_lat 15.590355556
1302 datum_lon 32.553152778
1302 gui_label 3D
1302 iata_code KRT
1302 icao_code HSSK
1302 region_code HS
1302 state Khartoum State

Now, when you look on the first line you see the airport-code HSSS but on the line 8, you see the icao_code HSSK. So, it seems that ZIBO looks on the airport code in the first line and ToLiss looks on the correct one HSSK, therefore ToLiss works also with the terminal procedures because in our database we have only the new HSSK airport code.

That´s not a navdata issue on our side, that´s more a ZIBO issue and should report to ZIBO because this aircraft is looking on the wrong place for the airport icao codes. In the X-Plane technical documentation you find following for this column in the first line:

Airport Identifier. X-Plane internal use only, not used for user-facing functions, NOT used to determine the “ICAO code” by X-Plane >10.45… See rowcode 1302. Use X + local identifier to create fictional on not Sceney gateway coordinates ID’s.

It´s clear that ZIBO uses this field because the ZIBO found HSSS but not HSSK … so, it´s simple wrong and a bug in the ZIBO. Please report this to ZIBO :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. Actually I hoped in a more simple solution like:“edit this file, change this line and all will be ok”.
I’ll report to Zibo then.
Thanks a lot again

I wish I could you offer another solution but I´m honest, I don´t know exactly what happened when you change the apt.dat file to the correct code. You can try it, if you want but without any guarantee from our side …

You will find the file apt.dat here:
<your XP11-root folder>\Custom Scenery\Global Airports\Earth nav data

Highly recommended, make a backup of this file!!! then open it with an simple text-editor and look for HSSS you will find this line:
1 1265 0 0 HSSS Khartoum

Change the “airport identifier” from HSSS → HSSK that the line looks:
1 1265 0 0 HSSK Khartoum

Save it, start your XP11 and try it again … normally it should work, but again - it´s only a workaround, when it´s working. You should definitely report it to ZIBO …

Possible a quick fix :wink:


That’s the way I was going to try. I fully understand that you have no responsibility on this workaround if it doesn’t work, and I’ll try to report it to Zibo anyway.

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