Khartoum International Airport (HSSS/KRT) and its pending update to ICAO HSSK

Subsequent to release of AIRAC 2102…charts are now NOT available for this airport.
I know the way this has been handled in real life. appears somewhat a mess…given the real life Notams that have been issued.
However…this airport features on the current IVAO world tour 2021…so it would be nice if the matter of the missing charts in Navigraph Charts could be resolved.


We hadn’t handled this type of change well in our parser. We have now enabled the charts (under the new ICAO code HSSK) manually. Please check again and report back if there are any other issues.



Thanks for responding so quick…
Unfortunately. I am not seeing that update when doing a check from here using Navigraph Charts App yet.
Anything I should be doing to cause a refresh of data…or is this still a data server serving me issue?

Data has refreshed here now… :slight_smile:
ALL LOOKS GOOD!!..Thanks :smiley:

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