Khartoum HSSS vs HSSK

I’ve searched but I don’t see something similar to what I want to report. Maybe I don’t know how to search. If there is a similar issue please refer me to that and close this.
HSSS was recently changed to HSSK. I’m using Zibo 737 on X-plane 11 with AIRAC cycle 2104. When I enter HSSK as departure is says not in database. I am able to enter HSSS. I am however able to enter HSSK by importing a company route that has HSSK as the departure. It gets strange from here. With HSSS I can see the runways but no SIDS. With HSSK I can see the SIDS but no runways.

HSSK no runways but has SIDS.

HSSS has runways but no SIDS.

thanks for the report. The main point/question is, if HSSS is also renamed to HSSK in XP11? Can you select HSSK in XP11? When no (and I assume you can’t), than its an XP11 issue in the world airport file which XP provide.

A few addons reference to this file, to be sure that you can’t select an airport/runway where you have no scenery in XP11 and exactly this happens here.

So, make a simple check and try to select HSSK in XP11. When you found it and you can select it - then we must further investigate but when you don’t find it and you can’t select it - you should report this to XP.


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I actually can’t select it on the X-plane menu. Let me head over to the X-plane forums. Thanks for the help.

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having the same issue…I report it to Account and they,ve referred me here… am on Xplane11 android which has no HSSK… and when I enter HSSS ot has only the runways but no SID or STAR available… pls advise

Again, it´s very simple to test … when you can´t select HSSK in XPlane11, it´s not included in the core data of XPlane. These core data are from X-Plane and not from us … we have all terminal procedures for HSSK in our X-Plane dataset but when the airport HSSK is missing in XP11 (due renaming or something else), we can´t do anything.


Thats are from the core-scenery data of XP11, which will provided from Laminar Research:

You see here, that Khartoum has still the old ICAO code - no HSSK exsiting.

This is an XP11 issue and not a navdata issue

with all respect… xplane are using (navigraph) exclusively as their navigation system service provide…
and I paid for you to use ur service…
and now you are telling me (your customer) that it is xplane problem not yours? and using the word (again) as if am nagging you?
pls solve this technical issues with ur client (xplane) instead of complain it to us (ur customers)!

Possible you don´t understand it … we can´t solve it. Therefore again (yes again) …

It is correct that XP uses us as service provider for the navdata updates but these updates doesn´t include any airport nor runway updates, which is a part of the APT.DAT file in XPlane (this is what you see in my previous screenshot). This file will be provided by Laminar Research (XPlane) and NOT!! by us.

So in other words, when somewhere in the world a new airport will be open/closed, an ICAO change will be happen, a runway will be removed, added, changed … than this must be added by X-Plane because we don´t offer these data to X-Plane. The APT.DAT file is necessary for the XP scenery and as I wrote in my comment before, it will be used by some addons as reference if the airport exist or not, or if a runway exists or not.

We are offering ONLY following information:
Navaids (VORs, NDBs, ILS, …), Airways, Waypoints, and terminal procedures but NO!! airport specific data like airports, runways, taxiways, gates or similar else. This will be updated by Laminar Research XP.

When you don´t believe me, look on their developer side and read it carefully.

Here the important part:

No word about airports or runways … therefore please stop blaming us, for what, what we can´t fix and what we don´t offer.

Last, when you look in the X-Plane bug-reports you will find this ticket from April 15th 2021:


PS: My name is Richard, not boss