Kgeg ils 21 cat 3

I own the VerticleSim Custom Spokane Airport which has a CAT 3 ILS Capable Approach for Runway 21.
I attempted to fly the Autoland feature, but found the Glide-slope was dangerously low and if I had not disengaged the AP, the Glide would have plowed me into the ground just short of the runway.
I was using the Flight Factor A320 with both AP1 and 2 active.

I’ve also observed similar behavior at KSEA. So I’m curious if there is a global file which may need to be updated. I’ve researched some and found info from LR Dev notes stating

" Please be sure to select “11.50 and later” as the data download format if you are on X-Plane 11.50 or later. Data made for X-Plane 11.41 or earlier will not assure 1000th-of-a-degree accuracy for localizers and can thus lead to ILS signals guiding the aircraft beside the runway."

Is it possible I am downloading the wrong data using the manager?

Edit: Just checked the DL Manager and it does say X-Plane 11.50 (and above). So should be good

I have not tested with default KGEG. Is there a file somewhere I can copy from stock KGEG and replace it in a custom airport file to correct this issue? I’ve read the APT file has nothing to do with ILS Appr, so all my reading suggest that Navigraph is responsible for these types of appr.

I have Windows 10 Pro.
X-Plane 11 Final version
Current and up to date Navdata from you guys.


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More info. I had time this evening to test the Appr on the Stock Airport. And all worked fine. Is there a file I can rob from default KGEG and replace the outdated one in the custom scenery file to fix this. Not sure which file to substitute. And what would the proposed file path be, ie, where is it located? Thanks.

Hi Dave,
first, thanks for your investigation and your report. We only offer the data but we have nothing todo with 3rd party sceneries and therefore due our lack of knowledge, please contact the scenery designer of this scenery for this question.

I don’t really know but when you wrote, it works with the stock scenery it’s not a navdata issue it looks more a mesh/dem/elevation issue in the 3rd party scenery.

Sorry, that we can’t help you more in this case, but my personal knowledge with 3rd party sceneries, ends at the end of the install process :frowning:


I understand. Thank you for your time. I agree, it does sound like an elevation issue. I’ll take it up with the scenery dev now that i know it’s for sure the scenery and not your nav data. Thanks.

No probs Dave - we try to help where we can, if you need any more help or assistance in this case. Let us know please, when you need some …

Enjoy your weekend

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