Missing navdata and procedures at LOWG

Hi there,

sorry if this was already posted by someone else, but I couldn’t find anything through the search function and I just wanted to confirm if anybody else is seeing this…

I just did a flight in the newly released CRJ9 from EDDM to LOWG (Orbx scenerey) and wasn’t able to receive the ILS RWY34C. After shutting down I reinstalled both the latest Navigraph AIRAC (Cycle 2111 rev. 2) and the scenery (version 1.2), changed to another aircraft type but I ended up with the same result: no chance to receive the ILS. When trying to create a flightplan to LOWG with the help of the MSFS-world-map, the respective pull down menus are completly empty and I’m unable to select any runway or procedure. When uninstalling the lastest Navigraph AIRAC everything is back to normal.

Would be nice if anybody could check if he or she is seeing this too.

Many thanks in advance and keep up the great work.

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Hi Toby,
and vice-versa? When you remove the ORBX scenery? Do you see any difference? I assume it´s a order issue in the scenery but it would be cool (before we do anything) to know, if the data work without the scenery …

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Good morning Richard,

many thanks for your answer. I removed the Orbx scenery and also deleted the context.xml-file before restarting the sim, but unfortunately the result stays the same - in the world map the pull down menus are all empty and in the sim, when for example using the NXi in the Cirrus, the PROC page only offers visual approaches and I can’t receive the ILS for 34C.


Would be great if you could have another look at that.

Many thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.

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Will do today Toby … Thanks for the pre-tests, helps a lot! Will inform you when I have a possible solution (I guess I know it and we are still working on a general solution, that such things doesn’t happened anymore).

But let me do some test first :slight_smile:

Schönen Samstag

Servus Toby,
I can confirm the issue - I´m currently check the code to see what was happened here. I will try to fix it - thanks for the report. I let the topic open, till it´s fixed and will inform you again :wink:

Danke & lg

Servus Richard,

thank you so much for keeping me updated, I’m very sorry for keeping you so busy on a Saturday. :innocent: Take anytime you need…but I’m looking forward to the fix of course. :wink:

Danke nochmal und schönes Wochenende!

Beste Grüße


Hallo Toby,
no problem about the saturday, it´s part of our job.

Ok, ILS 34C is back with revision 3:

The bug was self made by myself in revision 2, sorry for that. Revision 3 is uploaded which should fixed this issue … let us know you results please :wink:

Danke & lg

Guten Abend Richard,

sorry for the late answer, just returned from work! :sunglasses:

Did a quick test and everything is looking absolutely brilliant… The world map menu provides all the runways and procedures again and also the NXi receives the ILS signal and shows the complete navdata. Bravo! :partying_face:

Many thanks for that really quick fix! :ok_hand:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend now and gut’ Nacht!

Beste Grüße


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Thanks Toby, great … and thanks for the friendly feedback, the report and tests/effort on your side. Much appreciated!

Dir auch ein schönes, restliches Wochenende

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