No glideslope at KGXY or KCYS

I have noticed issues when trying to fly ILS approaches in MSFS 2020. Today I tried flying into both KGXY and KCYS and discovered there was no glidepath, no glideslope indicator. I tried updating the Navigraph AIRAC cycle to the latest but still had the issue. When I uninstalled the Navigraph data I had glideslope at those airports. Is there a fix for this issue with Navigraph data in MSFS 2020? I would like to add that those airports are stock ones in MSFS2020 and not addons.

I have tried to reproduce it but I can´t …

FBW A320 (lastest dev version) - AIRAC 2204 rev.2 installed - using stock scenery - here KGXY ILS35:

… also KCYS ILS27:

You see in both cases the glideslopes … So, that´s not a navdata issue, it must be any issue on your system. Sorry.


I have not tried those approaches with an airliner such as the A320. I was using GA aircraft with the GNS 530 or the PMS50 GTN 750.

So, I reinstalled the latest Navigraph cycle and then tried several aircraft. It seems to be working now for some reason. Don’t understand but as long as it’s working that’s what matters. Will do some more testing to confirm.

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