In-Game Panel Locks Keyboard Inputs

In the latest version of MSFS and the Navigraph In-Game panel I’m having an issue with a loss of the keyboard.

If I open the in-game panel and put any characters into the search field and then close out the window it completely locks the keyboard inputs and some mouse functions up.

I can re-enter the window and still have the ability to type in the window but can’t use the keyboard for anything other than accessing the ESC menu. This issue occurs in all planes. Once you’ve lost the keyboard inputs going you can only get them back by completing closing the sim down to desktop and relaunching. Simply exiting the flight and loading into another flight/aircraft won’t resolve the issue.

I’ve attached a video below to demonstrate the issue:

Hello Josh! Welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with our panel. To make sure that this is an actual bug/issue and not an intended feature - can you please clarify this sentence:

Can you confirm that you did not un-focus the search field before closing the panel? We currently “steal” the keyboard input when you focus any input field in the panel, since if we wouldn’t - you would run the risk of unintentionally interacting with the simulator through keybinds at the same time as you type. We currently don’t return the focus until you leave the input field.

So to clarify - are you still seeing this issue after moving focus away from the input field? Does it always fail to hand over input?

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the quick follow-up skysail.

If I enter any text in the search field of the in-game window and click enter on the keyboard or click the x within the search window it surrenders the keyboard.

If you start typing in the in-game search field but don’t hit enter or x and then click the X to close the in-game window it will fail to surrender control.

Returning back to the in-game window and attempting to exit out of the search bar correctly will not release focus once you’ve made the initial mistake of closing the in-game window mid search without completing the entry or closing out of it.

I’ll be happy to make another video demonstrating it if that explanation didn’t help. Thanks again!

Thank you for the clarification!

Upon further investigation… welp! This seems to be completely out of our control. Seems like this started happening at the same time that Asobo decided to completely reset the panels when closed.

Basically, if you have a field focused and then close the panel before the field is unfocused, you can no longer return the focus to the simulator - even if you open the panel again and do all the things you’d usually do to return the focus. This seems to come down to the fact that this just creates an “all-new” panel that knows nothing about its now-destroyed predecessor.

I am really sorry but there seems to be nothing we can do here, we don’t have any influence over the development of the simulator. However, you can rest assured that this is equally annoying to us as well - so if you see some panel in the wild that seems to be able to do this successfully, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong and fix this!

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Thank you for looking into it. I’ve reported the issue on the MSFS support forums as well. I’m guessing there is no way to force the field focus to reset upon closing the window on your end. Hopefully the MSFS team checks the support forum regularly.

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Sounds great! Make sure to reach out if they tell you of a solution!

As far as I can tell - no. This is what I’ve just been investigating, and I have had 0 success so far. Please remember that we do not have any sort of documentation as to what is available to us and how things work, so we have to work based on trial and error as well as the discoveries of others. This means that the solution could be out there in the void without us possibly knowing about it without either official word from Asobo or through someone’s reverse engineering efforts. Quite frustrating indeed!

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I might purchase the Pro version of FSKNEEBOARD application. I fly exclusively in VR and was already planning on giving it a try.

It has a notepad function where you can either scribble with the mouse or enter using a virtual or physical keyboard. If I can back out of that application under similar circumstances then maybe they found a workaround.

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Sounds good, let us know if that is indeed the case!

We’re currently focusing on getting the new charts product out the door, but you should know that we now have this noted in our issue tracker. When we get more available resources, we’ll do some more investigations of our own as well!

So I downloaded FSKneeboard Pro which has a notepad function. It does appear that you can exit mid text input without the same keyboard capture issue.

It’s almost as if that app stops searching for input after each keystroke just in case you do exit the window mid entry.

Wonder if that app could be reverse engineered to assist you guys with Navigraph. Thanks again for all your efforts, can’t wait for the new charts app to be published.

Thank you for investigating! Your theory sounds plausible, and I guess we could make something similar once we get the resources required.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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We believe this to be fixed in the new panel. Thanks for the feedback & feel free to try it out!

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