Can’t free look after selecting toolbar

Hi All,

Recently installed navigraph toolbar. When I select it and log in, I’m unable to change cameras or look around the cockpit (right click and move). I can select things, I just can’t move.

Any suggestions?

Is this the same as I reported below (keyboard not working)? Does V for VFR map work? Does control inputs from joystick work? ESC key works I guess…



I can’t reproduce it.

Does disabling virtual keyboard make any difference? Maybe try uninstall /reinstall of Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel and restart computer.


Thank you.

I’ll be back on tomorrow so I’ll give it a go. Initially disabling the virtual keyboard worked but then the issue came back again when I next opened the window.

Will try reinstalling tomorrow and see how I get on.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: