Missing Deptarure procedure for RNW 32L,32R SKBO

Hi everyone.

i have a issue with the installation of AIRAC cycle 2303 rev.6. in MFS2020

it is already installed with NavData Center:

validating in the game:

this is my content.xml:


so, for example, when i tried to check AIRAC installation, in SKBO, it does not appear, still with the old version:

Still with RNW31L and does not appear the procedures

i am already tried to delete the content.xml and re-installing the AIRAC, but the issue still.

i expected that appear this one procedures and upgrade Runway:

there is no runway 31L/R existing in real and therefore no terminal procedures (the sim can’t assign the existing terminal procedures to te current runways,). In the real world you have 14L/R and 32L/R …

In other words, the sim in outdated please report this to ASOBO.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reply, Please, explain me something that I’m a little lost, then what does the AIRAC installation do in the simulator?

How do I know that the AIRAC installation is really working?

I thought it updates those procedures and runways.

Hi again,
normally the AIRAC Updates contains all Data and as you see in the charts app, we offer all data. But in MSFS we may not change the runway idents nor the runways itself.

So the MSFS AIRAC contains navigational facilities on airports like ILS, DMEs, GS antennas, terminal waypoints and NDB. Additional airways, enroute waypoints and navaids.

The question in your case is, why you have a wrong runway? Do you have a 3rd scenery installed for SKBO? I ask because Ian, our support manager, has tried the stock scenery and here he has seen the correct runway idents.


Do you have a 3rd scenery installed for SKBO?
yes, i have 3rd scenery installed

Then this is exactly the reason. Remove your 3rd party scenery and you will see all terminal procedures. Your scenery is outdated (outdated runway idents).

Hope that helps

yes it was the 3rd scenery, i removed them and used the base scenery and work!

Thank you! Muchas Gracias

Great, thank you very much for your feedback :+1:


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