Incorrect waypoint. N6090

Waypoint incorrect in current moving charts. Point is at 60°30’0.0"N 090°0’0.0"W

You’re welcome.

Update: Actually many of the Lat/Lon waypoints in moving charts both desktop and android are either missing, duplicated or at the half way point between Lat/Lon coordinates. Gee guys, do better please.

Hi. I don’t see any issue. It is an ARINC 424 half-degree waypoint.

See page 14 onwards here:

In addition, as for missing waypoints, we show all that exist in the Jeppesen database, and those are the most commonly used. You are free however to add any geographic/coordinate waypoint to your flight plan, even if they are not shown by default on the map. See an example here: Geographic coordinate in navigraph charts - #2 by stephen