Incorrect/Overlapping Frequencies around KDAB

Hopefully this is in the correct place. I have updated Pilot2ATC to 2109 Rev 1 using the FMS data manager. It is showing many overlapping frequencies in the area; KDAB and KEVB both show 132.875 as the ATIS frequency, so P2A tunes me to KEVB when I want KDAB based on the fact that I am closer to one and not the other. The problem is that, while using the Navigraph Charts app to confirm that that’s listed as an ATIS frequency for both airports, the actual airport charts show two different ATIS frequencies.

There are also overlapping/erroneous approach/departure frequencies (perhaps among others). KDAB has approach/departure frequencies that are listed as “Daytona Approach” on nearby airports such as KEVB, X50, or 7FL6, but in P2A they show up as Approach or Departure for that specific airport. I have reached out to the P2A dev as well as on this because I’m unsure if they’re being read in wrong with that or they’re incorrect in the data here.

the main reason here is that KEVB has two ATIS frequency - 124.62 and as a secondary 132.87. We provide both but we have no influence which the addons will be used, sorry. That´s more a P2A issue than a navdata issue.


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply. As mentioned, the KEVB charts only show one ATIS frequency. Where is the other one listed?

It comes from the data:

As I wrote, 132.87 is assigned as “secondary frequency” for KEVB. P2A can´t select between primary and secondary it looks like. To remove all secondary frequency makes no sense because on some airports, this frequency is also important.



Apologies, I’m pretty new to all of this, but I believe I finally have my head wrapped around it. Originally, I thought it was a Navigraph data issue, but I think it’s finally clicked that’s in the AIRAC data, therefore outside of your control. Is that correct?

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