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I am having a couple of issues with the navdata provided for Aerowinx Precision Simulator (PSX). I’ll paraphrase what I posted on the PSX forum:

While using PSX, I noticed that there was no ATIS broadcast at the airport I was departing from (CYWG - 120.200). I was still selected to an older Navigraph database so switched to the latest one (2204) but still didn’t hear ATIS. I was able to contact Ground, though. I switched back to the default PSX Nav Data and ATIS came alive.

I tried some other airports using Navigraph 2204. CYYC was fine, as was CYVR, but CYQQ - 118.600 was dead. I switched to Navigraph 2112 and CYQQ ATIS came back (but was missing for 2113 through 2204). The ATIS frequency was showing correctly on the PSX Analysis/Airport Instructor tab.

I tested different altitudes with no luck, but using 2204 I was able to receive CYQQ ATIS when the aircraft was near CYVR or CYYJ (I just had motion paused and dragged the aircraft around at 10000 ft). It appears the lat/lon is incorrect in the Navigraph database.

As for CYWG (120.200), there may be a different issue at play. When I dragged the aircraft around Winnipeg, I began picking up ATIS but not from CYWG. Nearby airport CYPG (Portage la Prarie) shows 2 ATIS frequencies in the Navigraph database (120.200 & 120.850) and another nearby (to Winnipeg) airstrip CYGM (Gimli Industrial Park) shows 120.200. It appears that PSX is giving priority to either CYPG or CYGM when the frequency is set to 120.200, and when on the ground at CYWG you lose line of sight so no ATIS. When dragging the aircraft around the Winnipeg area, I mostly received CYPG, sometimes CYGM. I expect to receive CYWG ATIS when sitting on the ground at CYWG. Interestingly, neither CYPG nor CYGM Navigraph charts show 120.200 MHz as an ATIS frequency so it may be outdated data in this case.

I hope this makes sense.


Hi Randy,
first of all thanks for your report but I guess, we can´t really help you in this case. The reason is, that we don´t use our own parser for the data, we use the NavBuero parser from Aerowinx. So, we had no idea about any logic behind and how and which data will be used from this parser. It´s not our code - we only offer the raw data to create the PSX files via this external parser.

To you example CYWG - CYPG:
CYPG has two ATIS frequencies in our data, right - but one of these frequency is marked as “secondary frequency” - it´s the 120.200. The primary is 120.850 … this is a typical example - we don´t know how the PSX parser handle this - possible wrong, I don´t know because I can´t debug it and/or can´t look into the code.

Sorry Randy, in this specific case, please contact the Aerowinx support - we can´t really help you … big sorry.


PS: I will speak with Hardy to add the PSX format to our own parser in the future - it´s simpler for us and and we can support it to 100%.

Hi Richard, thanks for the response. I hope you can figure out what the issue is, in consultation with Hardy. It’s strange to me that the CYQQ ATIS was OK in Navigraph 2112 but not in subsequent releases - almost as if the location was offset from CYQQ.

As for CYWG, I’m pretty sure (although I’m not a pilot IRL) that the secondary frequency for, say, CYPG and CYGM, does not mean they are alternate frequencies for CYPG/CYGM, but rather the pilot is meant to tune to nearby CYWG for altimeter settings, etc. It wouldn’t make sense for 3 different airports in close proximity to be transmitting on the same frequency. Also, current charts do not mention these secondary frequencies.


Hi Richard,

since I’ve done some low-level ARINC424 editing and used NavBuro before, I’m trying to help. (Not sure if I actually find something… anyway… )

I wonder whether you are able e.g. to send by email to me the CYQQ section from Part11-AptComt.txt file created by Navburo to me for 2112 and 2204. (In my own dataset, about 11 lines of text starting with SCANP CYQQCYVARR0123700 V0 NA … ) I would volunteer to check if there is something suspiscious and I could also replace the CYQQ section of Airport Com data in my own data set to see what happens when I recompile the NavDB.


Hi Richard,

Have you been able to identify the data issue with CYQQ? Hardy believes there is an error in the Jeppesen ARINC 424 files, possibly a lat/lon issue? I hope you will provide the lines Markus is requesting as it was working in 2112 and he is willing to troubleshoot.

When you mention secondary ATIS frequencies, is this in the Jeppesen data? If not, what is the reason? Is it necessary? It is obviously causing problems for either NavBuro or PSX itself.

Finally, any progress in consulting with Hardy for the PSX navdata format?


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