Airport chart frequency mismatch (X-Plane 11.50+)

Does anyone know the problem of having a mismatch between Navigraph-chart-frequencies and the sim? In my Case there is almost everytime a mismatch of 0,005 MHz (or even bigger) in ATIS, Tower, Ground, Delivery etc. what makes flying offline very annoying. As an example my nearby Airport EDDS has a real-world ATIS of 126.125 but in the Navigraph Chart it is 126.130. In my third party plugin AVITAB it is 126.120 what works for some reason. As you can see below some Navigraph COMMS match with avitab and work, some doesn’t.

i suggest that the problem could either lay somewhere here
[X-Plane 11\Resources\default scenery\default apt dat\Earth nav data\apt.dat]

-the mentioned charts are out of date
-there is a problem with payware airports.

Thank you guys!

The only official source to compare is the AIP.

Taking EDDS as an example the NG charts are fully correct.

Vatsim has yet to introduce 8.33khz freq’s as I recall.