EDLW ATIS frequency is wrong

Dortmund Airport (EDLW) ATIS frequency is 125.125 MHz and not 125.130 MHz. :slightly_smiling_face:

please can you give us a official reference to that, that we can report this to Jeppesen? I have looked into the AIP Germany and here it´s also 125.130

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At the official Dortmund Airport page it states 125.125

… but is this valid as real aviation reference for pilots or dispatcher? I guess, no professional looks on an airport-webpage … It looks more a typo on their website because I can´t believe that the AIP Germany is wrong here. The data provider uses exactly the data which the authority countries transmit …

An other reason could be, that this information is so new, that it was not included in the AIRAC … What I need for a valid report is an official reference from the country (like AIP, notams, …)


??? :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, I need an official information … that´s a website with a few aviation details but nothing what a pilot use and/or a dispatcher use …
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This is the official website of Airport Dortmund and not a fake.

I have received a mail from the airport. The frequency is not correct on the webpage.

I have not written anything about a fake page, I have written that this is not an official pilot/dispatch/aviation information which should be used for flightplaning.

The next time, please cross check this with the AIPs or give us an official aviation link as I requested like a notam document, AIP document, …


PS: as I wrote, the frequency is wrong and will be changed on their webpage. I have asked the airport.

Richard, the page of the flying club at EDLW also says, that the 125.130 is correct. It is a page created by aviators for aviators. If that freq. would be wrong, they would receive dozens of complains by their own club members. So as you posted, the 125.130 is correct.


Rgds, PS

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Hello Richard,
then is the frequency in the X Plane 11.53r1 and FF A350 - 900 wrong.
ATIS works below 125.125 and does not work below 125.130 MHz.
Thanks for clarification. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the confirmation … here the official statement from the airport (sorry, in german) - but Mr. Wedlich from General Aviation Center at EDLW, confirms in his mail, that the ATIS frequency is 125.130.



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Ich verstehe das so rein zufällig :slight_smile:

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