Missing TWR at LKPR

Hello there,

since the latest AIRAC 2211 I miss the TWR frequency at LKPR when using navdata with Pilot2ATC. All other airport radio frequencies are available though. It worked without problem with all previous releases.

Could someone please check it?

yes, according the P2A developer we have disabled all secondary frequencies. We have two tower frequencies in our database 118.11 and 134.56 … both are 8.33 kHz spacing frequencies and marked as “secondary” from the AIP.

In additional the issue here is, that as an example the frequency 134.56 are active on three stations: Clearence Delivery, Ground and Tower. Specially for the ATC in the MSFS has an problem with such multiple frequencies … and therefore we have decided (again, with the P2A dev) to remove such secondary frequencies to avoid such troubles.

Here the frequency list from our new Charts 8 app, where you see that we have these frequencies and also multiple times on different stations:

Again, we have these frequencies in our database of course, but it looks like, it´s hard for sim´s or addons to use such multiple used frequencies.


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