Incorrect Class B around KLAS

The entire lateral extent of the Class B airspace around KLAS is marked as GND to 10000. In MSFS this means it’s expecting me to request Class B transition while VFR in areas that should not be Class B.

Note: all of the correct individual segments are also present, they are just overlapping with the incorrect GND to 10000 covering the whole area

Hi Matthew,
but the GND-10000 airspace is existing in real-life? Here the VFR sector charts of this area

See the red markings:

Comparing with our charts - it looks the same:

SFC is the “same” as GND and means “Surface of the earth (either land or water)”

Do I missunderstood you here or haven´t I understood the question :slight_smile:

PS: when you mean that the whole Class B airspace is also defined as GND-10000 than this is also ok because the global Class B airspace (thick blue lines) shows you the minimums and maximums and in this case the minimum is SFC/GND and the maximum is 100.

Sorry again Matthew - I guess, I know now what you mean - it´s not the airspace which is wrong, it´s the kind of hand-off in MSFS which makes troubles, when the “global bravo” airspace is defined as GND-10000.

But again, this whole part is really existing but is active only announced by NOTAMS and not continuously - so the charts are correct so far. I will fix this for the MSFS and will release a new revision … Thank you Matt


Hi again Matt,
I have uploaded revision 2 - please can you update the AIRAC cycle and can you test your scenario again please … :wink:
Thank you,

hmm. I do think maybe you misunderstood. all of the correct class b areas exist (e.g. the core sfc-10000, the 4000-10000 around khnd, etc)

the problem is there is an extra layer of class b from sfc-10000 that overlaps with all of the class b regions, even where the floor is above ground

I’ll give the new rev a shot

I’m not sure how to do this. Both the Navigraph FMS Data Manager (for X-plane 11) and the beta MSFS Navigraph installer show rev 1 as current.

EDIT: found the thread Release notes - AIRAC Cycle

That fixed it! I was able to request flight following instead of class b transition after taking of from 0L7


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Thanks for testing and the feedback here …
Happy flying …

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