Channel Island class D airspace

All of the channel islands (the airspace above Alderney, Jersey and Guernsey is supposed to be controlled class D airspace but in sim MSFS with Navigraph navdata enabled its all uncontrolled airspace. would be nice if you could have a look.

do you have an official real world reference (like AIP NATS or similar else) for that please that we can conpare it with our source?

Thank you

AIP.pdf (1.2 MB)

Hi Richard, thanks for looking in to this. As you can see all of Channel Islands are class D airspace from surface to Flight level 80 and class A from FL 80 to 195 no uncontrolled airspace. When in MSFS its all uncontrolled and as such you have to request incorrectly flight following.

thanks for the reference - I have checked it now but the airspace is classified as D (GND-FL080 & FL115-FL195) in MSFS too. I have also checked our charts to be sure, that this airspace is really existing in our data - also here (and we use one and the same database):

Possible an issue in MSFS, but I can´t see any wrong classification in the data.


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