Missing Class B airspace from Cheyenne (CYS) VOR

  • FMS Data Manager v1.8.5.1105
  • Little Navmap v2.6.9
  • AIRAC 2102 rev 1

The Class B airspace around KCYS seems to be missing from the Navigraph data as viewed through Little Navmap.

With the possibility that I’m misreading the sectional chart, it seems there is a class B airspace with a 10 nm radius from CYS VOR.

Viewed through Navigraph Charts the data too seems to be missing the class B airspace.

I only see Class D airspace but no B. According the charts its a mixed airspace. Class D service from 0600-2200, other times Class E.

Such dual/temp airspaces are not included.

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I’ll take a closer look at the legends. My apologies, thanks for the prompt response.

The oddly shaped red shaded area around the airport is a class E airspace floor pushed down to 700AGL. This does not appear in IFR enroute charts, and it would also not be plotted by a GPS/moving map.

The circular dashed blue line around the airport is the class D controlled airspace which exists when the tower is open. When the tower closes for the night, this becomes class G airspace from the ground to 700AGL and then E above.

The class D ring as charted would appear on a GPS moving map, regardless of the operating hours. And I believe this is exactly what you are seeing on LNM: You see the class D from the ground to 8700MSL. LNM doesn’t care that it’s not active 24/7.
In Europe this would be a (HX) airspace (not always active) and charted as such. On the American sectional chart you have to infer that information from the tower frequency having an asterisk after it: that tells you the tower is not 24/7.

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