Incessant navaid type beeping at SBGR

Spent a few hours over the last two days trying to figure this one out. There is apparently some issue with the data for SBGR or in the area of it. With the Navigraph data loaded, getting near runway 09L while taxiing, or being at gate 210 in a freeware addon that’s available there is an incessant navaid type beeping (not a marker beacon sound but similar) that occurs. I had it happen in multiple aircraft and originally thought it was the addon scenery until I got near the runway in the default airport and it showed up then as well. Finally got the idea to remove the Navigraph data and it actually went away.

which default aircraft do you use? That we can try to reproduce … Never heared that and I would also not know, what this can be the reason. I guess more that this is the signal/code from the navaid which is activated in the cockpit.
When this navaid isn’t in the stock data bit in our data, it’s clear that you hear this signal only with our data. But what I know, you can disable this somewhere in the cockpit. Therefore the question about the default aircraft you are using.


In this case it was the default A320. I originally noticed it in the now stand alone forked version of the FBW A32NX mod and had thought it was an issue there but it showed in the default aircraft as well. There doesn’t seem to be an option that I could find to shut it off either. The working volume knobs on the radio stacks had no impact, and no nav radios were even purposely tuned. All I know is removing the navigraph data fixes it, whatever “it” actually is.

Hi again Charles,
now I had time to reproduce it and indeed, I can confirm this strange “beep”. It´s more like the “beep” from a pushback-truck or similar else. But what I have find out, that this “signal” is only hear able in the FBW A320 - I have tested the 747, the Cessna, the WorkingTitle CJ4 … all on the same place, no “signal” - with or without our data. So, I guess, that has really something todo with the FBW A320 but I can´t say what …

What I can only say is, that you don´t hear this with other aircrafts … sorry, possible you find an answer in the FBW Discord.


I had it happen in the default A320 as well at one point. I think you misread my last post. I just rechecked it happens in FBW, the default A320, the TBM 930, and the 787 so far.

… and I can only reproduce it with the FBW A320, with no other aircraft what I have tried. Sorry.

Sorry have to disagree here just did more testing. Removed EVERYTHING except the Navigraph data from my community folder, made sure nothing was running like FSUIPC, etc. Loaded into the default C152 at runway 09L. This puts the aircraft in the touchdown zone for some reason (all aircraft do this for some reason here). Taxi or otherwise move the aircraft back down the runway to the alternating white stripes at the threshold where the taxiway connector at the end connects up. The beeping occurs with Navigraph beta and does not occur without it.

Also, choosing the C152 in this case finally showed what the problem is. The Inner Marker light was flashing with the beeping. Tuning Nav radios to different frequencies had no effect, but I don’t know what marker beacons are actually tied to. The only thing I can think of is the marker beacon is misaligned too close to the threshold or something.

edit: In the end I guess it doesn’t matter, I’ll probably never fly out of this airport again, was just recreating a Just Planes flight from YouTube, but since it seemed to be a bug with the beta I was trying to be a good beta tester and report it.

One final note, I had a few other people test this as well that are using the beta and they were also getting the behavior again with default aircraft such as the Icon A5 for example.