In Game Tablet Navigraph Map Blank

Hi, I just upgraded from FSX to MSFS today, and installed the Navigraph In-Game Panel and the other packages included in the Navigraph Hub. I have Simlink installed as well. I am using a PMDG 737-800 and the Navigraph In-Game Panel works, but the Navigraph on the tablet is blank and when I hit the search icon in the Navigraph menu, it says “Unable to retrieve chart. Confirm you are authenticated to navigraph and that this is a valid airport icao code”, this is the same on the copilot side as well. I have tried re authenticating and relogging into the tablet with no results. The In-Game panel pop up overlay works fine, I do want to get the tablet working if it is possible though.


In the Tablet General Preferences scroll down and make sure you have signed in to Navigraph Authentication


Hello, I have signed in already, and made sure it is authenticated by connecting with the Navigraph. It still shows up blank.


First, to be clear: Navigraph did not develop this EFB. It uses our APIs, but bugs in the interface are more than likely to be out of our control. Keep this in mind!

Second: This screenshot looks like the “expected” result. You need to search for an airport and then select a chart for it to show in the grey area. Here is an example:

Do you still get the error message prompting you to sign in?

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If you are looking for the map (the one shown in the in-game panel in your previous screenshots), you will find that one by pressing the home button (top left) and then the Navigraph icon along the right edge of the screen:

Yes, I still get a message prompting me to sign in when I hit the search button under the Navigraph tab in the tablet. But, I understand the problem must be the ICAO code being wrong, since I do get the screen you showed when I enter ESSA, but I get the error when I enter ESAM. Thank you for your help, I just thought it would show the exact same screen as the In-Game panel plugin.

That is correct! We do not have any airport with that identifier in our database at the moment.
I take it that the tablet works fine for you now then?

It won’t show the same interface, as we did not develop this EFB as mentioned before. But it should be able to show the same charts, and also the same maps!

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