Blank map in the in-game panel

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately there is now a new problem. The gates and taxiways can no longer be displayed in the Sim (only there). This is especially a problem in VR. Can you help here too?

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Thanks for reporting this, we’re looking into it!

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Experiencing the same issue today (yesterday all was fine). Blank maps in the Ingame Panel of MSFS, also in the AllInOne Panel. Cloud and iOS app work as usual. PS: only the satellite map seems to work (IFR, VFR, World Map don’t).
Sounds like the same problem like here:

We have found the issue, and fixing it is going to take a couple of hours at least.
Apologies for the inconvenience!

This is not related at all, but thank you for trying to find similar issues!

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Same issue for me. Navigraph charts do not load in the MSFS Sim and same problem in Simbrief (Flightplans OK but no Navigraph charts available in any mode (VFR, IFR…). Strange as standalone Navigraph charts application runs without problem. Thanks in advance for the help

This is fully expected at the moment, we’re working on a fix!

Also blank maps in PMS GTN.

17:30h CET still down!!!

-navigraph app not loadong map
-pmdg efb map not loading

Hello everyone! Please try again now.

Things should be up again, and we are monitoring the situation closely.

Thank your for your patience!

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Just came here to check if the issue was only on my end or not, saw your post a minute ago, everything now seems to work perfectly!

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Looks like it working again

Same here

That does not look expected. Please restart your simulator (or close then open the panel)!

This is what it should look like:

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