Transfering flight plan to MSFS

Sorry, complete noob question here.

Basically I’m looking at videos for transferring flight plans to MSFS and they all seems to be have no mention of the in-game panel ( so I’m presuming that this is a new feature here )

So my question really is: Is the protocol different for transferring flight plans to MSFS with this panel and if so, how is it done?



You can export flight plans in pln format to MSFS from Navigraph Charts or Simbrief.

You can import these into MSFS at initial World Map stage using Load/Save.

In Navigraph Charts In-Game-Panel, you can reopen the Navigraph Charts plan. You can also import the Simbrief created OFP choosing From SimBrief.

Let us know if you need more help.


Dear Ian,

what, one can import the OFP to the ingame panel??? Obviousely I am blind, have been looking for that several times. I import the flightplan via New flight → Simbrief. All waypoints runways SIDs and STARs are there. But where ist the OFP?

Regards, Alex

You create the OFP in SimBrief by pressing GENERATE FLIGHT :

You can then import this flight into In Game Panel Charts using From SimBrief :


Thank you very much for the very clear description :grinning: That was exactly clear for me.

When I talk about an OFP, I mean the generated PDF with weights, fuel planning, weather, NOTAMS, etc. The waypoints and the route are just a small part of the OFP.

We would need that generated PDF in the ingame panel and I thought it was possible. That would be a great addition. Maybe Navigraph can consider that.

Regards, Alex

We simply could use that

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the suggestion which we shall consider.


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Good news!

The OFP has been available in the in-game panel since the release of Charts 8.29.0. Enjoy!

Kind Regards,

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