Cannot load .pln into Navigraph in-sim (using Beta tool bar)

Cannot load .pln into Navigraph in-sim (using Beta tool bar). I click “Select flight plan” but no Windows file explorer window opens to select the flight plan.

Apologies if this issue has already been posted. I searched but could not find similar post/issue.

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It isn’t possible to access the file system, so it isn’t possible to load plans from file. Best is to plan your flight in Charts Desktop or Cloud and then load that flight as PLN file in MSFS, and that flight will also be available in the in-game panel.

We are also working on a way to load the flight directly from MSFS.

See also Navdata Center and Black Hole Event Horizon - #2 by stephen



Thanks for your reply.

I like Navigraph, but if unable to load the actual MSFS saved .pln file from the toolbar using the “from file” option then I’m struggling to see the added value of the Navigraph tool bar. Even though the AIRAC are supposedly up to date in MSFS and Navigraph, I often see significant deviations from both simbrief and navigraph to MSFS, making it difficult to use these services for MSFS. If one could actually load the MSFS .pln into Navigraph from the tool bar, then instant harmony with the actual planned MSFS flight, and therefor very useful. I use a home cockpit so for me using an iPad for Navigraph is more realistic as opposed to the tool bar since this is how I would use Foreflight IRL. “From file” option would be great! Just my thoughts, thank you!

Hello Raymond! I have some great news for you.

The latest version of the in-game panel allows for quick and easy importing of the flightplan that is loaded in the simulator. Please give the latest update a try, I think you’ll like it!

Also, see the changelog/update history in this thread for a full list of new features:

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That’s fantastic! I will try it out!


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Works great! The integration of Navigraph into MSFS with in-sim flight plan harmonization is now a game changer. Seamless operation across all peripheral devices, including ipad and the sim tool bar. Nice work!

It would be great to have a bread crumbs feature. Is this on your to-do list?

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Hello again! Sorry for the late reply.

It is not on the list for this version of charts, but I will add it as a feature request to the next version. Thank you for the suggestion!

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