In-game panel in MSFS resets after being closed

Hi, since Sim Update 8 of MSFS the in-game panel resets itself after being closed. Each time I open the panel, the active flight has to load as if it is the first time I open the panel. Also the chart list for the departure/arrival airports dissappears after closing the panel, so I have to open the list multiple times during a flight.

There seems to be something similar going on with the MSFS VFR map. That also resets after closing.
Check this thread on the MSFS forums.

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I have noticed this as well. I usually leave the approach plate up so I can quickly refer to it on approach, and every time I open the panel I have to reload everything. Also the case with the pop up pms50 GTN750, every time you open it you have to re-enter everything as though it were the first time you were opening it. It seems to have been introduced with SU8 and is a real hassle. Every update is 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were into issuing hotfixes for real issues that come up, but based on the last few updates I suppose we will be left flapping in the wind on this.

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You can use the minimise restore-up (image image) buttons in Charts In-Game panel ?


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Yes, thankfully it can be minimized, but it’s still a hassle to have the minimized bar floating around in your cockpit.

This seems to be an issue affecting all pop out panels from the toolbar after SU8. Have a look on the official forums and vote if you can to have the issue looked at!

Yes, I also wanted to mention this very annoying new problem.

To minimize the window is really not a good solution, because, like mentioned already by “proppro”, this bar floating around in you cockpit is a hassle. Yes, really, it is just horrible and a giant immersion killer !

Devs, please, correct & publish a new version as soon as possible !

Maybe this new version could also, in the same time, suppress the need to login in cloud, each time a new MSFS session is started.

Thanks in forward.

Hello everyone! We’re happy to see such interest in the panel!

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be anything that we can do to mitigate this. Seeing as the “default” toolbar panels have had the same issue since the update, I think it’s safe to assume that this is not a Navigraph issue. I have looked into it and while doing so, I noticed several other things that are completely broken in this very area from a developer’s POV. I’m sure they’ll figure something out and push an update!

If anyone comes across a similar toolbar that works fins in SU8, please let us know! We really do apologize for the inconvenience, but we seem to be powerless here.

In other news, and as I’m sure @ACSoft will be happy to hear, we just pushed an update to the panel that should make it able to persist your signed-in status. Check it out, and don’t hesitate to reach out here on the forum if something is not working as it should!

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