In-game-panel(IGP) makes keyboard stop working!?

Strange bug that suddenly occured:
All keypresses work normally in sim (from keyboard or joystick)as I start MSFS. When I press Navigraph IGP, I log in, everything seems fine. But after loading some maps etc, suddenly (almost) all keystrokes stop working in MSFS. Like V for VFR map, arrow keys to move around cockpit etc (I think some F-keys function though, and ESC works).

Moving mouse to IGP I can for instance use arrow keys in there to pan map slightly, but moving mouse back to MSFS (arrow)keys don’t work…
Ive tried now for hours, and it only occurs when opening IGP and searching up airports and maps etc etc. If I uninstall IGP the bug never happens (all keys working all the time).

As soon as the problem occurs I can’t get rid of it (by closing IGP etc), and have to restart.
Found out: emptied Community folder (just use navigraph-ingamepanels-charts and navigraph-navdata in Community) and it seems when the IGP keyboard overlay appears it happens. As soon as I press search-symbol the IGP keyboard overlay appears, and after that all (almost) keys are non-operational in MSFS. So…dont know if the IGP keyboard overlay “steals” all inputs or something…Even Hotas (X52) stops working.

Edit - happened straight away when disabling IGP keyboard overlay as well.

Edit2 - bug occured after linking WorkingTitle CJ4/G3000 to Navigraph(if it is related I have no idea but did not have that problem earlier (with IGP 1.0)).

Edit3 - flew without IGP in CJ4 for 3h - no problem. Installed IGP - suddenly working again with no key issues - no idea whats going on…

I can of course look at Navigraph maps from the desktop (Navigraph Charts) without any problems.
Happens in any aircraft.

Im on latest Simlink, latest airac 2111, In-game-panel ver.1.0.
Win10 (just updated) 21H1 (Os 19043.1288)
Nvidia driver 496.49
G9 monitor 5120*1440res (any problem with super-ultrawides and keyboard overlay)?