Impossible de connecter au simulateur

Bonsoir L’équipe Navigraph.
Je suis abonné chez vous depuis 2015, ma configuration : Win 7- 64 bits / FSX / Prosim .
il fonctionnait parfaitement avec mes plans de vol, et le (stiqueur forme d’avion) (enable moving Maps) fonctionne avec mon vol, il indique la position exacte de mon avion.

Mais depuis que j’ai changé mon Win7 64 par Win10, et les updates de Navigraph .

Le Navigraph Charts fonctionne comme avant.

Mais je ne peux plus utiliser mon ( enable moving Maps), dès que je clique sur ce stiqueur sous forme avion nommé: (enable moving Maps), j’ai le message d’erreur:

– ( Could not connect to simulator).
Merci d’avance pour les conseils à ce sujet, comment régler ce problème, que je cherche depuis des semaines.
erich L

In english please!

Thank you

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Good evening The Navigraph team.
I have been a subscriber with you since 2015, my configuration: Win 7- 64 bits / FSX / Prosim.
it worked perfectly with my flight plans, and the (plane shape sticker) (enable moving Maps) works with my flight, it shows the exact position of my plane.

But since I changed my Win7 64 to Win10, and Navigraph updates.

The Navigraph Charts works as before.

But I can no longer use my (enable moving Maps), as soon as I click on this sticker in the form of an airplane named: (enable moving Maps), I have the error message:

– (Could not connect to simulator).
Thanks in advance for any advice on this, how to fix this issue, which I’ve been looking for for weeks.
erich L

Good morning! I think my problem can’t be solved, it’s a shame, because if I can’t use the cursor that represents the plane during the flight (moving mat), it doesn’t help me, I don’t renew my license until to 01/13/2023.

Hi Erich,


I suggest you reinstall Simlink exactly as under:

Please disable any Antivirus and Firewall.

Click on Simlink icon in Windows Systray:


In Simlink Plugin Settings uninstall Simlink plugin from your FSX, then completely uninstall Simlink using Windows Programs and Features exactly as under .

If they exist delete directories
c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink and c:\Program Files\Navigraph\Simlink

Then download and install latest Simlink for Windows

In Simlink Plugin Settings, check you have correct FSX path. If unclear, please post screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots

Please let us know how you get on.


En anglais


ood evening ! I followed your recommendation to reinstall Symlink, but too bad! nothing changes, even several installs and uninstalls of Simlink, I still don’t have the (moving map = the red triangle which indicates the position of the plane).
I made screenshots, I will try to send you!
Maybe your software does not work with Win10, because with Win7 64bits it works fine.

En français!

Bonsoir ! J’ai bien suivi vos recommandation pour réinstaller Symlink, mais dommage! rien ne change, même plusieurs installe et desinstalle de Simlink, je n’ai toujours pas le (moving map = le triangle rouge qui indique la position de l’avion).
J’ai fais des copie d’écrans, je vais essayer de vous envoyer!
Peut-être votre logiciel ne fonctionne pas avec Win10, car avec Win7 64bits il fonctionne très bien.

HI Erich,

The Navigraph Navdata Center is only for MSFS, so not relevant for FSX.

We are investigating and will contact you directly.


Hello Lan!
I know for Navigraph Navdata Center it is for MSFS, but I wanted to inform you of the total messages given by Navigraph when I wanted to use the Moving Map (small plane shape), as soon as I click on it it turns red and a second later it turns white again and I get the message not connected simulator.
best regards

Hi Erich,

From your post details, It looks like there is an FSX Simulator configuration issue.
Can you please follow the below steps,

  1. Close all running Simulators and Navigraph Simlink.
  2. Open the APPDATA folder and find the DLL.XML file which will be in one of the below paths,
    a. %appdata%//Roaming//Microsoft//FSX//dll.xml [C:\Users\AppData\Roaming]
    b. %appdata%//local//Microsoft//FSX//dll.xml [C:\Users\AppData\local]
  3. Take a backup of the DLL.XML file and delete it.
  4. Now run Navigraph Simlink and uninstall Simlink plugins and install it again.
  5. You can see after #4 DLL.XML file is created.
  6. Now Run the FSX Simulator and Simlink.
  7. Is Simlink detect Simulator or not.

If you still have the issue then please follow these steps,

  1. Close all running Simulators and Navigraph Simlink.
  2. Open the APPDATA folder and find the FSX folder which will be in one of the below paths,
    a. %appdata%//Roaming//Microsoft//l [C:\Users\AppData\Roaming]
    b. %appdata%//local//Microsoft// [C:\Users\AppData\local]
  3. Take a backup of the FSX folder and delete it.
  4. Now run FSX Simulator, it will create an FSX folder with the default configuration.
  5. Close FSX Simulator again.
  6. Now run Navigraph Simlink and uninstall Simlink plugins and install it again.
  7. Now Run the FSX Simulator and Simlink.
  8. Is Simlink detect Simulator or not.

Please let us know the outcomes from the above troubleshoot points. And feel free to reply to me.


Ahir Vishal D.

Hello Vishal Ahire!
First of all thank you for the advice, alas it’s always the same!
I followed your work plan, step by step, I even translated it into French so as not to mislead the procedure, but it was always the same, as soon as I chose the sign (moving map).
In the second message ( couldn’t connect to the simulator).
Just for information, there is no (4 dll.xml).
See screenshot photos.

–I tried with the old charts it’s the same, and I find the 2 messages weird.
1-- which indicates that simlink is ok.
2-- simlink can’t connect???
Is win10 compatible with navigraph?
tomorrow I will reassemble my old computer with:
win7 64 and fsx and navigraph and i will tell you.


Hi Erich,

Navigraph Charts and Simlink run fine under Windows 10 (and Windows 11)

We shall follow up.


Good evening
I come to the news, about the small plane (moving map) which is no longer displayed on the route of the flight plan.
I provided you with everything and you said that we were going to try to solve this problem.
Question :
where are you on this subject?
because without this (moving map), the navigraph loses all its advantage in the flight plan.
erich laskowski

Hi Erich,

I believe you should have a PM from Vishal seeking a remote connection.


Good morning !
I came to the news of my problem (moving map) the small plane in navigraph charts!
Without this (moving map) my flight plan it will be very difficult to operate!
Question: did you find this problem mentioned in the other emails?
If it is impossible to find how to fix this problem, please cancel my subscription for the month of 1/15/2023.
erich laskowski