Importing Simbrief OFP to my A330 Flight Pad

I am a long term user of Navigraph but new to Simbrief. I have created a flight plan on Simbrief and successfully saved it by following the Navigraph Tutorial on the website. On opening the flight pad on my MSFS Headwinds A330 -900 and attempting to download the plan , I get the message ‘You have not yet imported any Simbrief Data/Import Simbrief Data/ Error Unknown User ID’.
(I have an unlimited subscription with Navigraph).
I was given an ‘Authenticate with Navigraph Code’ which I duly did but it proved unsuccessful and I conrinue to get the error message. I thought I had followed all the steps in the Navigraph tutorial but apparently not.
Can anyone tell me the steps I have missed out.
Thanks you

I think the plane is asking for your Pilot ID which you can find under your SimBrief Account details. You should have both a Pilot ID and a User Nickname. Use the one the plane accepts. Hoping this fixes your issue.

Thanks for your response.
I am not asked for any account details since I first attempted to input the ‘authenticate with Navigraph Code’. I have an unlimited Navigraph Subscription with full account details but no SimBrief account details and am still getting the message ‘Unknown SimBrief user’.
Strangely I have an active flight plan on SimBrief and can access the Navigraph Charts Flight Plan on the MCDU via the Tool Bar on MSFS A330. However, I can’t load the OFP on the FlyPad.
Very frustrating.
Can SimBrief help?
Thank you