I can't import my OFP from simbrief in Navigraph Charts and FBW A32nx

Hi, I always generated my OFP in simbrief and then I imported it into the Navigraph charts app. But when I click to import and then “from Simbrief” it always loads my old OFP. Why is it not loading my new generated OFP???


Please load or create a flight plan in SimBrief. Press Generate Flight. Wait for green bar to complete.

Do you now see this flight available for import in Charts?


This is exactly what I did. It always worked but it is not working anymore.


If you did not import your SimBrief data when you first logged in through Navigraph, you may need to update the username/ID you have set in various add-ons (including Charts).

Please see here for your current SimBrief username and Pilot ID: https://www.simbrief.com/system/profile.php#settings

In a future update, you won’t need input your username into Charts since they are both using Navigraph accounts now. But until then, just update the username and it should work.

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