Can´t import Simbrief Flight Plans

I have subscibed Navigraph Ultimate today and I´m having a problem. I can´t import flight plans from simbrief. I have already cheked that my simbrief and navigraph acounts are the same.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled all navigraph apps.
I just can´t find the problem.



In SimBrief, after creating/editing flight, make sure you press GENERATE FLIGHT to create OFP.


Hi Ian

I have always made the procedure you instructed me to do.

I received this message from navigraph:
“Use latest SimBrief OFP?
SimBrief username:395063 doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP.”

Best regards

Ian via Navigraph <> escreveu no dia quinta, 28/07/2022 à(s) 00:57:

Hi Ian

Just to tell you that I solved my issue. I was making a mistake. In the place where I should insert my simbrief username in Navigraph, I have inserted the Simbrief Pilot´s ID number.
I have changed that and everything is fine now.
Sorry I take your time because of this.
Best Regards

Ian via Navigraph <> escreveu no dia quinta, 28/07/2022 à(s) 00:57:


Thank you for the update. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


I don’t know how to install a simbrief fp into the new navigraph

After over four weeks of trying to get SimBrief to work, I have finally gotten a PDF OFP loaded in SimBrief Downloader. But, I got a red colored message that “no FMS files are available - please check that the “Detailed NAVLOG” option is selected and that the “Route” option is not empty…” The route was filled and verified. However, I can not figure out where to select the Detailed NAVLOG option. Please help. Thanks, Stew

Hi Stew,

Please see screenshot:


Hi Ian,

First, I am in the Denver, CO USA time zone (MST). Not sure where you are from. Still having problems with trying to fly the VMAX 777-300ER from Istanbul (IST/LTFM) to JFK/KJFK. I really like your software, but…

I’m using hi-end laptops, a MacBook Pro and an Acer Predator. I am loading the FMS for the -300ER and for the Laminar Research 737-800 for comparison in attenpting to figure our my problem which is not being able to fully load the -300ER .FLP FMS file. The 737-800 FMS takes the .FMS file. Both systems load the file, but he -300ER .FLP file does not fully load. I get the following message “NAV DATA OUT OF DATE.” I do not get this message for the 737-300ER.

I use Navigraph FMS Data Manager to load the AIRAC data into the FMSes which is loading Cycle 2211, Revision 1 (03Nov22 - 01Dec22) while SimBrief shows Cycle 2211 without a Revision (03Nov22 - 30Nov22).

Even though the file was for the -300ER, it loaded fine into the 737-800 FMS. The -300ER file loaded, but only partially. What do you think? Can you help? What else do you need?

If I can not resolve the -300ER problem, I’ll have to resort to the Laminar Research 747-400 to fly the flight. (File loads there as well).

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

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