Is consistently giving the frequency for RW18R. I’ve had it occur over multiple sessions with multiple aircraft, and I confirmed with the chart that it is in fact passing along the frequency for the 18R approach in error.

would you be so kind and can you give us more details,like which sim you’re using, which addon/aircraft, possible with a screenshot …

As a general answer, I have looked in the database and compare it with the charts. The frequencies are correct.


It’s happened to me in FS2020, with both the FBW A32NX and the WT CJ4. In both cases, I was given instructions to expect/fly the BANKR2 STAR and ILS 18C approach, but the frequency given to my avionics was for 18R (110.15 if memory serves), even though the actual charts were correct.

A friend of mine was flying along (we used MS teams to sort of simulate a multiplayer in the same cockpit environment), and he was of the opinion that it was because “The airport wasn’t always like that”, but he’s on vacation and unavailable to further explain what he meant.

Unfortunately we didn’t grab any screenshots, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Bottom line is that our aircraft was given the wrong ILS frequency.

thanks for the details - I have also checked the MSFS database now - and the frequencies are correct so far:

I guess more, that this is a sim issue. We are only providing the navdata and as you see on the screenshot - the frequency on localizer 18C (ident: IPEP) is correct with 111.300

The best to verify it is, to remove the navdata for a test and fly the same with the stock data - but I´m not sure, if you can do this in the exact way and if the STAR and the ILS approach is included in the stock data also.


This has been so long, that I don’t even remember what the problem was LOL… So if it happens to come up again, I shall revisit it at the appropriate time. Thank you for your assistance, it is appreciated. Even if it did take me two months to readdress it. Time flies when you’re moving at 1,000,000 mph… Or, given the nature of the forum, should I say kph. And I don’t mean kilometer.