EDDP RW26R ILS frequency error


I flew to my home airport EDDP in MSFS today and had to determine,

that the ILS frequency in the approach charts for RW 26R is wrong: not 111.30 but 108.35!

Scenery EDDP Digital Design V1.3

Thanks and Greetings


Addendum: I know that the current frequency for this runway is 111.30. What is wrong?

Hi Arndt,

I have checked the approach chart in our app for EDDP ILS 26R and I see 111.30

… I have also checked the AIP Germany and the same:

… and also in the MSFS with our data installed (stock scenery + AIRAC 2213 rev. 2 installed):

Possible I misunderstood your report, but where do you see the frequency 108.35 for that ILS approach?

You wrote, you use a 3rd party scenery, possible that this scenery includes the wrong/outdated ILS frequency, I don´t know but it looks more a scenery issue than a navdata issue.


Some time ago it was 108.35 see the picture.

Now it’s 108.55 for me according to NAVAID!
I have to report it to the airport developer.
Thanks again .

ILS freq changed August 2022 to 111.30, reference a new chart :wink:

Yep, it´s a scenery issue … the scenery is outdated :wink:

Thanks for your feedback,

I always thought that the AIRAC data is continuously updated in the MSFS.
Or do I have to do it myself?

Yes, the data will be updated every 28 days - as in real-life. You must update the data by yourself via the Navigraph Navdata Center. We don´t update anything automatically.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the information. I just did it - but nothing has changed!

the problem is the scenery and not the navdata. The ILS frequency is in the scenery and “overrule” our data.

When you have bought this 3rd party scenery in any external webshop (not via Marketplace), than you can try the “Re-ordering tool” in MSFS to add your scenery in the content-file. This method makes sure, that our dataset is loaded as last and “overrule” all previous loaded packages, ie your 3rd party scenery. but again, this is only working with items which are NOT bought via the MSFS In-Game Marketplace.

I have bought the scenery now and have tried it - it works as expected (DigitalDesign EDDP + AIRAC 2213 installed):

from the WorldMap:

from the FBW A320 - frequency 111.30, D4.0/LND at 1270ft:

D2.0/LND at 650ft:

Looks perfect …


Thanks, Where can I find the Re-ordering- tool in MSFS?

I uninstalled the EDDP V1.3 scenery from Digitaldesign again and then reinstalled it.
Without success! The EDDP MSFS scenery was also inactive.
Then I found EDDP in REorder tool, see picture.
What do I have to do now? Thanks.

Sorry my mistake! After updating the Airac I was looking for the ILS transmitter for RW26R on the wrong site!
Now everything is OK.!
Thank you very much!

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