Missing charts for SBGL

Good morning guys at Navigraph.

I am facing the following problems, after having updated for AIRAC 2014.

  • *Operating System: Win 10 Flight Sim Version: X-Plane 11 Add-on: FF 777-F , SSG 748-8 F AIRAC 2014
  • *Problem Details: missing ILS Z RWY 15 Approach, using FF 777-F.
    missing transitions ESORU and KOLBI in EPGIP2A STAR for SBGL, when flying the SSG 747-8 F.

Please, can you give me a hand?

Luiz Antonio

Hello Luiz! Welcome to our new forum.

Please clarify whether you’re missing charts or AIRAC data (in the FMC’s)? Your title/tags and description contradict each other and I have a feeling that you probably are referring to the data as the charts for the procedures you mention actually do display the details that you report as missing.

If you indeed are referring to the data rather than the charts, please know that the FF 777, as well as the SSG 747-8, have been known to be lacking when it comes to the FMC. I am able to locate and select the mentioned transitions using the latest Zibomod 737.

Regarding the missing ILS Z RWY 15 approach, this might actually be an issue with the data from our provider. The reason why we think this might be the case is the following NOTAM for SBGL:

K1441/20 NOTAMN
Q) SBCW/QPIAU/I/NBO/A/000/999/2249S04315W040
B) 2011250000 C) 2102232359

As you can see, the RNAV Z RWY 15 approach procedure is not supposed to be available. But in the data we received, it’s the ILS Z that is missing instead. We are currently investigating and will get back to you shortly!


ILS-Z 15 at SBGL has the missed approach prior to the runway unlike ILS-R which is included, the current Jeppesen data in use by NG excludes these approaches.

Our investigation so far has concluded that the data received from our provider is at fault in this case. The procedure is also missing from the next cycle, 2101.

We have contacted the provider and we are now awaiting their response. Once we hear from them, I’ll update this thread with any information as received.


@srcooke is correct. Because of the fact that the missed approach starts prior to the runway threshold, Jeppesen can’t include it in the data due to limitations in the encoding format. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about this. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Hi skysail.

Thanks for your response. Excuse me for the delay. I was out of office for some days.
Sorry for causing any confusion, but what I tried to describe were indeed two problems:

  1. EPGIP2A arrival for SBGL, which has 3 posible transitions, wasn’t showing transitions ESORU and KOLBI. This problem where observed with the charts in the 777’s FMC. But today, a couple of days after, the same chart returned to appear complete, with 3 transitions again, in the 777’s FMC.

Thank you for letting me know that FF 777 and SSG 748 are known for being faulty with respect to their FMCs. What I have to ammend is that both FJSym 732 and 727, everytime I choose some departing charts for SBPA, do present the same problems of missing some transitions.

  1. Missing ILS Z RWY 15 approach for SBGL, when using SSG 748.
    The chart was missing in the SSG 748’s FMC.
    In fact I have to appologise for not having considered SBGL NOTAM at the time . I think that ATC controller did the same mistake, because that approach was indicated by him. By chance I had programmed ILS R RWY 15…but was compeled to shift to Z.

Today’s session still shows that ILS Z RWY 15 is missing in 777’s FMC, while it is shown in the Pilots Tablet (AVITAB) charts…

Thanks again for your help.


Hello again Luiz!

Happy to hear that the transitions started showing up again! It is now my understanding that you are not referring to the charts, but the navigation data used in the FMC.

For the ILS Z RWY 15 issue, please see what is mentioned in the posts above by me and Stephen:

This is referring to the data installed into the simulator (and selected in the FMC) only, not the charts that are available through our Navigraph Charts application or website.

Please let me know if you still have questions!


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