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Using X-Plane 11 and the Zibo 737 (latest version) and went to depart LIRA on Runway 15, however the SID that Simbrief had generated was not in the FMC options. Equally, the alternate route options SIDs were also not there.

FMC says I’m on 2208, Simbrief also on 2208, and everything updated in the FMS Data Manager. For specifics, I was trying to use the POD5V departure from LIRA RW15. The alternate GIL5V was also not there.

Any help would be appreciated (FYI: I just use the AIRAC subscription without charts). First time using the forum as well so apologies if this query may not be in the right place etc.

If you look at the charts you will see POD5V is not a SID but rather a transition.

You first need to select the SID in this case one of the OST followed by the transition.

You will find this quite often used in Italy

Ah interesting, thanks very much for the info… feel a bit stupid now! Certainly sounds like upgrading for charts would be very beneficial. Thanks again

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