ILS 28R KSFO wrong

Try to land at ILS 28R KSFO!
There was no visibility and the glide path on the ILS in the cockpit was 100% aligned, but that led me 250-300 meters to the right of the runway into the water!
Is this an error in the Navigraph data or in the MSFS?
(KSFO Deluxe edition MSFS)
Thank you for your help

This has been described many times! It is totally correct in that rwy26L has two ILS frequencies, one being offset as you discovered. In real life it is to make using 26R and 26L at the same time. The only problem within MSFS (?Navigraph) is that the fms seems to select the offset ILS as default. Best to tune the correct ILS manually!

Hi Andreas
as Richard mentioned, the KSFO 28R has two ILS approaches. One of the is an offset approach, which means the localizer is not aligned with the centerline of the runway.

The sim has now an issue here, because the sim doesn’t the course heading from the data, he uses the runway heading instead. That means when the localizer is offset you fly offset parallel to the runway. This is a know issue in the sim and we can’t do anything for that. Sorry.

The second what Richard mentioned is the auto tuning of the correct frequency. That depends normally on the approach procedure what you have selected but also here have the sim internal limitations that this doesn’t work properbly. Sorry.


Thank you for Info! :sunglasses: :+1:t3:

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