ILS 06 at EHAM

I just noticed that there is a problem with the ILS frequency of runway 06 of EHAM.
Indeed, when entering an approach to runway 06 the frequency of the ILS displayed in the airplane (Radnav) is 108.72 MSA - CRS 003 ° (which corresponds to runway 36C) whereas normally it should be 110.55 KAG - CRS 058 °.
I am using the A320 Fbw and the Airac 2102 Rev.2.
I apologize in advance for my English (which I don’t speak well) and I use Google Translate.
Thank you to you and I wish you a happy Sunday;)

Hi Vincent,
I have tried to reproduce your report but I can´t. The screenshot is from 06 @EHAM, tuned ILS 06 on 110.55 / 058° (ident: KAG):

You see, ILS is showing, GS is showing, aircraft is absolutely aligned to center line … using also the FBW320 (latest stable version), AIRAC 2102 rev. 2 and stock sim-scenery.

Sorry, I don´t see any issue here - I have checked the database also, the same result.


Hello Richard and thank you for your response :wink:
Indeed I see that you do not encounter this problem.
The only difference compared to you is that I use the Dev version of the A320 Fbw.
I will check this again tomorrow and also do a test with the Stable version of the a320.
I will get back to you tomorrow.
In any case, a big thank you for your response.

I just retested and I still have the same concerns. But maybe I misplaced the bug.
If I manually enter the frequency of track 06 (110.55-KAG) in “RADNAV” of the MCDU, it works fine.
The problem only arises when going through an approach selection in the MCDU.
Here is the test I just did:

  • On the game map, I start from EHAM in cold and dark (without adding a destination).
  • In the MCDU, I added the EHAM airport in DIR then I inserted it.
  • Then in F-PLN, I chose the ILS 06 approach and I insert it.
  • I notice that as a result of this I have the wrong frequency (108.75-MSA) in RADNAV.

This test was also carried out on Boeing 747, Citation Cj4 and I have the same problem. I also tested without the Fbw mod and the same result.
Can you confirm to me that by following the above steps you also have the problem?

Thank you in advance and good day

Hi again Vincent,
ahhh ok - that make something clearer. This is a “limitation” in the sim and have nothing todo with us, sorry … There is a known issue in the sim about this and there are a lot of reports in the official Flightsimulator-forum about this.

I can´t really say, why this happens but it happens with all in-game aircraft’s, which use the flight management from the sim (and the FBW uses at the moment also this in-game flight management system). Only the WorkingTitle CJ4 uses their own flight management system and here it works perfect, when you select an ILS.

Sorry Vincent, but the only workaround for the moment is - to add the frequency manually in the RAV-NAV page - or you try the WorkingTitle CJ4 - it´s really worth because the terminal procedures are perfect implemented, incl. missed-approach procedures, holdings and in a few weeks with charts integration.

But it´s up to you a CJ4 isn´t an Airbus, I know - but to use the in-game aircraft’s at the moment is risky :wink:

Hi Richard.

Thank you for this information regarding this ILS problem. I was not aware of this bug. Hope Asobo and Fbw will fix this problem.

Thanks also for the tip for the “WorkingTitle CJ4”. I did not know this mod. But I’m going to test it because according to what you say, it also manages the missed approach procedures … which attracts my curiosity :wink: .
In any case, a big thank you for this information.

Good evening to you.

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