EHAM ils misalligned


I did an ILS approach on runway 06 at EHAM and the autopilot was constantly off route and misalligned to the right during the ILS landing.



Any thoughts on what to do? I’m not even sure if this is navigraph related.

Seen this couple times in MSFS2020 and it has to do with the SU5. Using NG with X-Plane also and is correctly on course.

One question to this:
What aircraft do you use and is this a mod? I ask because I can’t reproduce it in the default A320.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for the reply.

This was using the TBM 930, one of the stock aircraft. Not modded. I’m glad you can reproduce it.

Something that just crossed my mind is that the Schiphol Airport recently had an update to it in msfs. Maybe that messed it up?

but you are not using any addon scenery for EHAM right? It’s the default from MSFS …

Which frequency / course do you use and what was the ILS ident?

Sorry, typo on my last posting. I meant I CANNOT reproduce it.


Here a test flight with the FBW A320 into EHAM ILS 06:

Absolutely centerlined - no offset. Sorry, I can´t reproduce it …


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