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Hello, I have generated a few flight plans from KFNT to KDTW for a Cessna CJ4 and the FBW A320. It consistently generates a route of DCT GRAYT LAYKS2. The GRAYT waypoint in the LAYKS2 arrival has an altitude restriction of >11000 < 12000, but the flight plan is planned for either 5000’ (FBW) or 9000’ (CJ4). More to the point the distance from KFNT to GRAYT is 7 miles making it very difficult/impossible to climb to the initial altitude let alone the STAR restriction.

I’m not suggesting the plan is wrong, rather I’m trying to figure out how this would actually be flown. Would the expectation be that I would receive vectors / altitude clearance > the initial altitude clearance so that I would arrive at GRAYT meeting the STAR restrictions? Or am I missing something?

Thank you for clarifying!

Hi Jon,

Hard to say since this flight isn’t flown that often in the real world, but looking at historical real world flight plans, most flights file only GRAYT (without any STAR). Likely you would be on ATC vectors for most of this flight.

It’s also possible to fly the STAR without necessarily meeting the higher restrictions. ATC can approve this, and they may do so in this situation. The real world flights I see that filed GRAYT LAYKS2 all had altitudes that were below the STAR restrictions.

So to recap, I think either ATC would vector you or they would have you fly the STAR but be below some of the altitude restrictions.

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Very helpful response thank you! This route is definitely not flown as much since Delta stopped flying out of Flint!

Thanks again

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