SimBrief suggested cruise altitude not taking altitude restrictions into account?

Today I entered the following flight plan for my route from EGLC to LOWI:



has several ‘at or above 13000’ altitude restrictions, but when I generated the OFP with ‘AUTO’ cruise altitude setting it set a cruise level of FL110:

Shouldn’t it take the alt restrictions of at least SIDs and STARs in the flight plan into account?


Hi, currently SID/STAR restrictions are not considered, so this is normal. This may be improved in the future.

It’s worth mentioning that most of today’s modern procedures, SIDs, and STARs probably aren’t designed for an aircraft such as the DC6 anyways. Strange cases like this can be hard for an automated system to handle without some sort of human intervention (manual route planning, overriding the auto altitude, etc).

Hi there,
thank you for the info! I wrongly assumed it would, hence my question.

Oh yeah I know, and I’m usually not flying any RNAV SID’s or STAR’s with the DC-6. I normally only use the Bendix radios and navigate via VORs and NDBs and it’s hard to find non-RNAV procedures nowadays :wink: For this flight runway 08 was active at LOWI so I opted to ‘install’ the GPS again and try the RNAV approach together with the SID

Dunno, Pilot2ATC for example will always adjust my chosen cruise altitude if the SID or STAR has a higher restriction. Would seem to me that a simple and naive approach of just scanning the procedure(s) for at-or-above restrictions and adjusting the minimum flight level accordingly could do the trick…

In any case, thanks for the response!


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