Wrong runways at SBGR on 2210 rev.1

The runways at SBGR airport was changed in real life and It was changed at Charts. But if i try it at MSFS the runways still with the old numbers. I have updated using the Navigraph Data Center to 2210 rev.1, but the MSFS have not changed the runways numbers. Could you tell me what could be happenning?

this is a MSFS issue and not a navdata issue. ASOBO/MS must change the stock scenery. We have the correct runways in the data.

Please report this to ASOBO/MS - we can’t and may not change existing airports.

Thank you


But my question is about the datas displayed at FMS or MCDU in MSFS. I am not asking about what is displayed in the scenary. For changes at FMS or MCDU must to change the scenary? Why should i update the AIRAC versions by Navigraph data center at MSFS?

Hi again,
as I wrote, the MSFS update doesn´t contain any runway-changes. This is simple not allowed and we may not change the runways therefore this information is coming from the MSFS. The updates contain much more relevant information like terminal-procedures, ILSes, airways, navaids, waypoints, marker, DMEs, … but no runway-change.

It´s very simple:
When you use an aircraft (FBW A320, NXi, …), which uses the default in-game data - it´s wrong due the runway-change limitation. When you use an addon which uses any external database like the PMDG, Fenix, Maddog, … you will see that the runways are correct because here, we can change the runways but not in the in-game data.

Here from the FBW A320 (using the in-game data):

… and here from the Fenix A320 (using a own database):

Again, this is not a navdata issue it´s an MSFS issue and must be reported to ASOBO/MS. The data, which we provide are correct and as you see in the Fenix example, identical to our charts.

Hope that helps,

Thank you very much for the answer.

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