I had surprise on ntkk

I landed on ntkk today. The airport is not present on mfs2020, but only in navigraph data … Can you confirm that the airport has many trees near the runways? I only saw it on final because there is no poi above the airport .

:slight_smile: … I never was in NTKK in real life … so I can´t confirm it :slight_smile:

… but we only set the runways with the surface, markings, lights if an airport doesn´t exist in the stock data. We don´t build a real-scenery, with taxiways, buildings, windsockes, or similar else. We also don´t “clean” the area - therefore such situation could be happened, sorry …

We have a few ideas in our heads for 2021 :wink:

No problem Richard :smile: I just wanted to point it out

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Thanks … and by the way, because I´m curious … do you land successfully or do you switch to an alternate :wink:


I am and old pilot ( I began with flight simulator 4) and I’m not afraid by these airports… :grin: I landed there.

Excellent - ohhh a mammoth in the community :hugs::+1:Thanks!

Take care

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