How to integrate Navigraph into X Plane 12

New to Navigraph, know how to flight plan, and can operate a FMS on X Plane 12, but don’t know how to integrate Navigraph into X Plane 12.



To update your Navigation Data you download, install and run FMS Data Manager. You will be prompted to Scan for your FS and Addons. Please accept defaults including install paths.

In order to have moving map functionality in Charts you install and run Simlink

There is much to explore and plenty of FAQ’s in this forum to read. If you have specific questions, please ask.


Thanks, Ian. I’m new to Navigraph and I don’t see “Scan” on FMS Data Manager and can’t get an answer in FAQs on why not. I need an “Air Force” checklist!



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Hi Bruce,

You should have been prompted to accept a Scan when you first started FMS Data Manager.

There are three tabs at the top. In Settings, make sure you X-Plane 12 path is correct.

In Addon Mappings , press Scan , then Save. Your X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 Addons should be detected. Press Save.

In Addon List select X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 12 Addons and press Update. In status bar at bottom of page, you should see the Updates occuring.

See also FAQ - Installing Navigation Data AIRAC Updates


I had the same problem. The software initially only sees ONE installation - in my case, I also had XP12, I had to foce the system so see it.
NOT good

Please open a new posting and let us know your exact issue.

Thank you